BBC… You Rock Style Guides, Bravo!

By Alex Rose | | 0 Comment

The BBC, always a great place to see how things are done properly from a scalable, innovative, web/UX/UI  design stand point. The BBC have been hot on defining and publicizing style guides, guidelines and standards for some time and are something I refer to often and make use of where my own projects are concerned. The evolution of Web standards at the BBC culminates in what is currently known as the BBC Global Experience Language (GEL) which continually evolves and conveys the role of User Experience and Design at the BBC. Made publicly available in the interests of open honest and transparent communication, Global Experience Language (GEL)  informs the way BBC products look and behave, promoting the User centric message of; 
‘We want to create experiences and connections across the BBC portfolio so that whichever of the ten BBC products you are using it’s possible to move between them seamlessly through features and interactions.’
So if your looking for ways of getting organised where Creating and publishing Guidelines and standards are concerned, may I strongly advising keeping an eye on GEL and the way BBC present their view of the world… Bravo BBC, keep up the great work!
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