Kony MEAP Visualizer Cloud Trail…

By Alex Rose | | 0 Comment

OK, so the out put of all that lovely hard UX work we awesome creatives do (not biased at all) leads us up to a point of some slick wireframes and signed off pixel perfect super sexy design comps right… but now for the development team to implement… hmmm… ‘It better be pixel perfect or else!’ shout the design team (and rightly so..), sound familiar?
Well, RI Strategic partners Kony reckon they have developed the solution to this age old adage  in the form of Kony Visualization Cloud… With promises of bringing design and development teams ever closer together, we at RI will indeed be trailing building the front end of our next internal native App this time around with Visualizer itself…
Having seen a rather snazzy demo of wizzy wig tools and incredible control from a design POV, I have to say I am looking forward to working again with Kony and road testing Visualzer’s capability.
Positioned in the Gartner “Leaders” Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms (aaand breath..), Kony promises ​​”A seamless transition from design to development and back again”, so,  could Visualizer be the answer to easy, pixel perfect implementation, we designers have been craving since forever?… well, lets hope so…