Lean UX, A Jolly good read!

By Alex Rose | | 0 Comment


OK so I am only a 1/3 of the way into it right now, but I can tell you with some early confidence, that this is a fantastic book.
With the opening phrase ‘The biggest lie in software is phase 2’ the book immediately grabbed my attention , had me grinning and then proceeded to justify and delve into how Lean UX can help.

Great comfort can be found in the  founding principles of Lean UX, as the book dives right into laying down some core, concise values with great explanations around cross functional, problem focussed and co-located teams, continuous discovery, outcomes not output, permission to fail and so it goes on.

There are many books out there discussing UX approaches theories and best practice, but I would definitely recommend this one to anyone in the the areas of UX, software development, Business strategy and… well anyone really!

Core Lean UX Principles/Manifesto

  • Early customer validation over releasing products with unknown end-user value
  • Collaborative design over designing on an island
  • Solving user problems over designing the next “cool” feature
  • Measuring KPIs over undefined success metrics
  • Applying appropriate tools over following a rigid plan
  • Nimble design over heavy wireframes, comps or specs

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