Shazam… YOU Rock!

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Once again I am sitting here shaking my head in ecstatic disbelief, thus, the urge to write something on the subject, so here goes… Shazam is Awesome, it has just tagged 1987 Techno classic – Fall Out – The Morning After, seriously! that is amazing and I cannot tell you how ecstatically delighted this make me!! I have only been trying to find out what that track is by playing it on an old hissy cassette to countless record store owners since the early 1990’s to find out what it is…

What does this have to do with UXD? Err… EVERYTHING!

Shazam is a fantastic example of painfully simple yet immensely powerful User Experience Design, it is a strikingly great concept joining real world User needs and wants, seamlessly with technology & beautiful, simple App/UI design and interaction, the use cases for it are satisfied by shining examples of making stupid robots do clever things.

As a music consumer I genuinely think Shazam could be one of the single most powerful stand alone Apps available today.

Even when it was first released it rocked, the fundamental functionality of ‘listen and identify’ is second to none, seriously.. Shazam is like having my own little genre agnostic music guru dwelling permanently in my pocket, and shhh, don’t tell anyone but better still, as a DJ, it makes me look like the music guru with the knowledge it empowers me with, heck i’ve even stood in the middle of dance floors in some of the worlds top night clubs listening to taste maker DJ’s drop sets full of new beats and used Shazam to find out what they are… genius…

One of my all time favourite past times is and has been for 20 odd years, record shopping. I’m talking vinyl, I cant think of any better way to spend my saturday afternoons, then digging through the archives of historical US, NY , Detroit & Chicago House and techno rarities in the basements of independent records stores in London in a never ending quest to collect all those old classics I grew up listening to (3 thousand+ on the last count) But what to do…? If ‘humm’ anymore tracks to the guy behind the counter or get him to listen to tracks on my old awaia walkman, he’s gonna have me arrested, right?

So will I ever find out what they are, let alone track them down to buy as vinyls…? Apparently with Shazam, the answer is becoming an ever more resounding YES with every passing day and that…. is awesome.

Bravo Shazam, keep up the incredible work!

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