User Experience. Where has it come from, and why is it here?

By Alex Rose | | 0 Comment


I have been a practitioner of UX disciplines since around 2007/2008, a time when we didn’t really have the backing and support from the wider community to enforce it as UX , just sensible problem solving and design validation really.

Fortunately for me, back then I worked under the guise of a very forward thinking Web development manager who viewed the world in the same way as me and between us we began weaving good UX practices such as User Insight, Business process mapping, Wire-framing, prototyping and more, into everything we could get our grubby little hands on!

7 odd years on then and it was with great pleasure I chanced upon a brilliant article from Oliver McGough charting the history of just what ‘User Experience’ is, where it came from and why it is here….

Over to you Oliver… Click!